Popular streaming portal, Tonton, actually turned six this past 6th of August, 2016. It was one of the projects that I worked on during my time at Media Prima. I can say that for everyone involved on that historic day, the feeling was just awesome. This is my Tonton Experience.

The grand launch was held at the Sunway Convention Centre and we had some 1,200 people turning up; clients, the media, agency people, celebs, shareholders etc. Three speakers were lined up; Ahmad Izham Omar, Paul Moss, and myself. We took turns to present the different parts of the tonton story.

Izham came out first to unveil the brand, then Paul talked about the tech aspects, then I came out to talk about the “sexy stuff”, CONTENT. I was decked out like the WWE superstar The Rock. Even my entrance theme started with “If you smellllllll…” Memang gempak.

We all used prompters, but we also had days of rehearsals. It wasn’t the first time I was doing a “Steve Jobs” type presentation, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous (sitting right in front too was Tony Fernandes). So I ad-libbed a bit and singled out a couple of people in the audience with some corny jokes, just to get the audience laughing (the two people were Dato Seri Farid and Datuk Amrin – bukan calang2 org, but they knew I was just “in character”).

I got through the whole thing alright. The audience was engaged throughout and after a while, I felt like I was in the groove, and the nerves went away. The powerpoint deck was, um, POWER, and we delivered the message loud and clear.

And of course it could have only happened because of the awesome team.

Happy belated anniversary tonton!