Resolutions, schmolutions! We’re talking about REALLY changing things up in 2017. Stuff to help you shine, surge up the corporate ladder and schmooze with confidence.

Always running away from the spotlight of presenting at the monthly townhall or departmental meeting? Hopelessly tongued-tied when all eyes are on you (especially when they’re from “management”)?

We have media icons and personalities like Halim Othman, Rina Omar and Nurul Syuhada Nurul Ain to share with you professional tips and secrets on public speaking and presentation skills.

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Not happy when you look in the mirror before leaving for the office in the morning? And you’re never quite sure what to put on for a “smart casual” do? We have professional image consultants and stylists to advice you on all things sartorial.

We also have programs in the areas of media relations, language proficiency, branding and digital marketing.

So, go on and tell your boss about YouGo Training & Media Consultancy and ways we can help you. Or if YOU are the boss, let’s have a chat about making your team as awesome as they deserve to be.

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